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Staff Fall 2017 131

Victoria Morgan


Victoria comes to the Portland Montessori School with a background in communication and writing. She graduated from Marylhurst College with a BA in Communications, with emphases in intercultural communication and writing.

While working toward her degree, Victoria became interested in the different ways that people learn. She researched and wrote a paper, “Whole Brain Training: Sparking Both Hemispheres to Ignite Optimal Learning,” that she presented at the Western Social Sciences Conference. In 2008, Victoria became a certified cognitive skills trainer and when she’s not working at The Portland Montessori School, she holds “Brain Power Boost” classes through the Portland Senior Parks & Recreation program.

Victoria’s professional goal has been to work toward providing accessible education for all children. She has been a video describer specializing in educational videos for blind students since 2000.

Victoria enjoys being in nature and singing with the Portland Threshold Choir.