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Caylin Floyd


I grew up in Southwest Washington and am the oldest of seven children in my family. My favorite thing about education is seeing each student discover themselves, the beautiful potential inside them, and the amazing world around them. I like to call each little discovery an "A–HA!" moment. I love people and am naturally curious about everything. I enjoy researching and learning new things. I also like to try new foods and visit new places. My friends say I am a good listener. I think I just like to hear people tell their stories. For fun I enjoy running, hiking, or singing karaoke with friends. I'm not a talented singer but that's why karaoke can be so fun. My two favorite places in the world are the beach and Grandma's house. A few of my favorite things are coffee, books, travel tickets, and nachos. I am very passionate about the foster care community and also the Deaf community. Right now I live near downtown Portland, sharing a home with three fun ladies.