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Staff Fall 2017 077

Caitlyn Jenen, M.Ed.


Caitlyn’s passion for Montessori education started with her “own fantastic Montessori experience” as a child.  She attended an AMI school on Hartford, CT from age 3 through upper elementary.  Her enthusiasm was reignited when she took the primary training, and then again when she took the elementary training at MNW and completed her Master’s in Education at Loyola University in the same year, 2014.

Caitlyn has a deep connection and understanding of the Montessori materials and is dedicated to working with children as a means to a brighter future for us all.  For the last three years, Caitlyn has been working as a full-time nanny for a Montessori-dedicated family with three children.  This position has allowed her to travel the world while writing her own children’s literature and gaining a deep insight into family-life dynamics.   She is very excited to return to guiding in our classroom.  In her spare time, Caitlyn enjoys reading, writing, collaging, gardening, cooking and playing with her dogs, Chewie and Larry."