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Before & After School Enrichment

The Portland Montessori School offers flexible and affordable before and after school enrichment programs that keep children engaged in fun and creative activities when the workday for parents extends beyond school hours. Parents may sign up for three or five days a week of before school enrichment, after school enrichment or both. We always maintain a minimum 10:1 ratio of students to caregivers.


Our before school enrichment program starts at 7:00 AM and is held in one of our spacious studios, which has been carefully prepared with materials that complement those in the Montessori classroom. Our caring staff members provide children with a calm and peaceful environment in which they can engage in age-appropriate activities such as painting or reading. An assistant teacher escorts each child to his or her classroom at 8:15 AM.


Our after school enrichment program extends the day to 4:30 PM or 6:00 PM, depending on each family’s needs. When weather permits, children in after care spend the majority of the time running and playing in our large, tree-filled playground. One of our studios is also available for children to engage in a wide variety of activities that compliment the Montessori classroom experience. When it’s too cold or rainy outside, children often play in the gymnasium. Children who stay until 6:00 PM receive a small, healthy snack at around 5:00 PM.


Because before and after enrichment programs are offered on a first come, first served basis, parents who use these programs typically sign up for them when enrolling or re-enrolling their child in school. When a program is full, we create a waiting list. As any openings become available, we fill them from this list. Should you find you need care after the school year has started, we encourage you to call the director of enrichment programs to see if we have an opening or to get your child’s name on the waiting list.